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Caitlin Pastori



Caitlin grew up on thirteen acres of rolling hills that she explored fully and fearlessly throughout her youth, learning about her environment through active discovery. As an adult, Caitlin’s perpetually inquisitive nature helps her ask the right questions and ultimately arrive at the most suitable design solutions. This natural tendency to seek out a fuller understanding facilitates the kind of rigorous exploration that our complex projects demand, and instills confidence in the resulting design.

Over the course of her career, Caitlin has found balance between her creative and analytical proficiencies, delivering beautiful designs through an innately methodical approach. Holding honesty and transparency as core values, Caitlin strives to develop genuine connections with colleagues and clients alike, a practice that fortifies her collaborative project management style. As a principal at RMW, Caitlin works to leverage the best in every staff member and maximize their individual contributions with the hope that they will succeed professionally and also thrive personally.

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