People and companies everywhere are questioning the value of the office and seeking balance between in-person and WFH schedules. This is the second phase of the great pandemic experiment, and we see our new San Francisco headquarters as a living lab or proving ground for finding the optimal hybrid work environment. We believe our studio is purpose-built for the people who use it, and that it supports the work styles which will help them be productive and happy. We will have access to insights about employee behavior and choice through data collected by our reservation system, but an important part of this experiment is to encourage people to view the space as a testing ground and use it accordingly, rather than defaulting to how they used the office before. Surely the new office ecosystem will evolve as we spend time in the space, so long as we continue to strive for improvement.

Social lounge and break area as a welcoming entry.
Our design process on display.
Free addressing and decentralized office supplies.
Collaborative and focus work areas.
Personal trays near the entry for a dedicated keyboard, mouse, and an individual’s mail.
Flexible meeting rooms that transform into two medium rooms or fully open up to the office space for events.
Movable whiteboards adjacent to collaboration space.