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Creativity and artistry have long been at the forefront of Terry’s passions, and he applies these traits to beautifying spaces for others. As a boy, Terry’s heightened awareness of the world around him intersected auspiciously with his realization that he could create beauty through art, empowering him to positively imprint the surrounding environment with his distinct vision.

Terry is a nationally recognized expert in design for the workplace and has been integrally involved in developing workplace strategies for organizations that want to move away from the ordinary toward solutions that uniquely satisfy their goals and aspirations. Terry’s limitless vision and artistry are also applied to renovation and repositioning projects that vastly improve the aesthetics, functionality and sustainability of outdated or defunct spaces, breathing new life into the buildings and their surrounding communities.

Terry has spent nearly his entire career at RMW, having joined the firm in 1986. As a principal and the leader of the interior design practice at RMW, Terry guides clients and design teams through complex projects. He is a respected mentor and teacher for the firm’s staff, who strives to impart not only his knowledge, but also his values, to ensure that the firm’s cherished culture carries on into the future.

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