Michael Thomas Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas

Michael was convinced about his future as an architect ever since Career Day in first grade when a classmate’s father described his job as mostly drawing for a living. While that turned out to be a slight misrepresentation of the day-to-day reality, Michael still loves being an architect because he appreciates all the aspects that he’s come to learn are a part of the job.

Michael believes that architecture should be the stage, never the actor and that the best an architect can hope for is to be responsible for the background of someone’s memory or experience. He feels he’s done his best on a project when the client feels well taken care of and has been given a creative solution at a fair price. Being a well-rounded human is important to Michael, so he always strives to be level-headed and patient, bringing a sense of calm to those around him. He also enjoys learning and bringing his life experiences to the team to inspire new ways of thinking. These qualities, along with his affable nature, make Michael an excellent teammate and a natural mentor. Outside of work, Michael can often be found cheering for Bay Area sports teams, especially the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland A’s.

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