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Stan believes design is a unique opportunity to problem-solve creatively while synthesizing a wide range of internal and external influences that – when successful – yield elegant, even sublime solutions. Great designs are derived directly from their function, with specific influences from their time, place and culture.

Stan joined RMW in 2007, and was named President in 2020. His humility and vision in assuming this role underscore his leadership approach, which is one of service to both the RMW family and the professional architectural and design community at large. Among his many industry affiliations, Stan is a member and immediate past president of the AIASF Board of Directors and serves as the director of the San Francisco 2030 District.

Stan cultivates passion and excellence in the workplace by fostering a deeply collaborative approach, bringing differing perspectives to the table, and remembering that the best ideas don’t always come from the person with the most experience. Energized by the depth and breadth of RMW talent, Stan encourages his teams to develop innovative design solutions by urging them to employ multiple perspectives, utilizing both a creative and technical lens.

Outside of the office, Stan applies the same concept-to-reality process mentality he employs at work to smaller scale activities such as gardening, building and writing.

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