An office better than home’ is the key client request for Supernal’s new engineering headquarters in Irvine CA. Integrating sustainability, equity, and technology within the concept of “kinship,” the design aims to foster community and encourage collaboration among employees. An example is the three-story central staircase and living wall, serving as the epicenter of connectivity between engineering floors. This distinctive vertical space facilitates movement while encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange.

In addition, team “homerooms” are interspersed throughout the workspace, providing comfortable areas for vital group interaction and relaxation. Flexible furniture and varying scales of built environment allow for the creation of adaptable spaces tailored to the varying needs of employees to promote a sense of ownership.

Within the office are purpose-built amenities tailored to inspire and revitalize all employees. From the sensory retreat to the nap pods, a wellness-focused kombucha bar, and a comprehensive fitness center, each element is designed to facilitate rejuvenation. Additionally, the integration of a library, café, and versatile workstations further enhances employee well-being.

Accessibility has been systematically woven into every facet of design, embracing versatile furniture and intuitive technology for seamless operation. Navigating the office is effortless, courtesy of crafted signage, architectural gestures, floor graphics, digital wayfinding, and color-coded demarcations on each level.

The ethos of sustainability is seen through the harnessing of natural light, utilization of organic materials and a restrained approach to finishes. The office stands as a testament to the client’s harmonious fusion of well-being, inclusivity, and environmental mindfulness.

What sets this project apart is its unwavering commitment to nurturing inspiration. This office competes to bring employees back to the office to a place that is better than home. By blending, wellness-centric design, seamless technology integration, and adaptable environments, this space transcends the traditional office paradigm, offering an ecosystem where innovation thrives and creativity flourishes.


RMW Team

Best Work Large, 2024 IIDA Southern California Calibre Design Awards
Best of Calibre, 2024 IIDA Southern California Calibre Design Awards

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