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Architecture and Design has been a lifelong joy for Erin. From the dollhouse days, through the span of her career, it has never ceased to be fun, no matter how big or small the project. Erin’s deep industry expertise comes from having worked in various capacities on both the design and project management sides, giving her the knowledge, empathy, and perspective that makes working with her such a uniquely gratifying experience. The practice of architecture is always evolving, and as a solutions-oriented person who loves learning, Erin delights in her own progression, viewing every project as a new opportunity to discover a different or better way of doing something.

An excellent mentor, Erin is appreciated by staff for her commitment to understanding and supporting their career goals, and for facilitating positive team dynamics. She is known for being warm, accessible, and open, and for empowering people at all levels to do good work by trusting in them. Erin believes that investing in people from the beginning will set in motion a chain of positivity that will improve the process and result in a better project outcome. This philosophy is summed up by her leadership goals – to bring people together, have fun, and be proud of what was accomplished.

Outside of work, Erin draws energy and inspiration from outdoor adventures and exploring new places. She also enjoys cycling, running, dancing, sewing, and redecorating her living spaces in her spare time.

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