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Indu Chakravarthy



Indu has lived on three continents and harbors a love for travel. She is passionate about seeking joy and beauty in the world, and credits this pursuit for cultivating her perspective that there are many ways of being and a multitude of right answers. Her experiences push her to be more judicious and responsible in her use of resources, and to communicate with more empathy. Sustainability is of paramount importance in her work, and she is passionate about projects that promise to extend the life of a structure, whether new or existing.

Characterized by an earnest desire to understand and attempt just about everything, Indu is a “creative generalist,” in the best sense of the phrase: her hands-on experience with a wide range of arts and processes makes her a better designer. In her work for RMW, Indu excels at keeping the “why” in sharp focus while answering the what, where, when and how of each project.

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