Janet Braden Janet Braden

Janet Braden



Studio Director - Interior Design SJ

As the Director of Interiors in RMW’s San Jose studio, Janet is the creative force behind many of RMW’s most innovative interior design projects for advanced technology, health care and higher education campuses. Her approach to workplace strategy has earned her a reputation for creating dynamic workplace concepts that reflect each client’s distinct personality and brand. Her enthusiasm for art, architecture, archaeology, humanities, color and design come into play in all aspects of her design process.

Raised in a military family, Janet spent many years traveling the world, drawing floor and furniture plans for each new home. A natural space planner, these early memories shaped her fundamental design belief – that by improving individual spaces we can improve and empower an individual’s daily life. Janet earned her degree in interior design from San Jose State University, is a certified interior designer and a LEED accredited professional.

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