Jive Software

Palo Alto, California | interiors & workplace, technology & corporate

Jive’s jumping workspace illuminates ideas – and the company’s attitude.

Jive is one of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing companies. Its social media collaboration software is the “wide receiver” of ideas, distilling information so that solutions can be reached quickly. The company tasked the designers with creating a workplace as good as their software in only five months from project launch to move-in. Jive wanted to be on the A-list for Silicon Valley’s brightest talent, so the 18,500-square-foot space had to establish an attitude.

The result is an open and socially transparent environment, which speaks to Jive’s culture of information sharing. Brand colors and crisp linear design elements define an energetic work space where ideas reign supreme. Visitors are met by an illuminated glass wall covered in notes and doodles left by guests and employees. This floor-to-ceiling wall of light is designed to be the spark of emerging ideas.

Quick Facts

Like the company itself, the conference rooms at Jive take their names from 1920s jitterbug slang words.

Jive kept a bottle of 1952 Macallan scotch under lock and key in its conference room until January 20, 2012, when it was cracked open to celebrate the company’s IPO.