Jennifer Keselman Jennifer Keselman

Jennifer Keselman


An affinity for nature and adventure beckons Jennifer to get out and explore, whether hiking a new trail or traveling to an unfamiliar city. Along the way, she enjoys cataloging the myriad details that comprise both the organic world and the built environment, storing them as fuel for her creative passion. Jennifer’s career has spanned the country, encompassing a variety of project types from boutique retail to multi-building corporate campuses. This broad range of experience contributes to her well-rounded knowledge, which helps to guide the client and the design team confidently through the design process. Jennifer’s goal for every project is to execute at the highest level, not just to wow her client, but also to challenge herself to become ever more knowledgeable with each new endeavor.

Jennifer’s passion for physical activity and hands-on work keeps her occupied in her spare time with hobbies such as cooking, gardening, camping, hiking, and crafting. If she could have an endless supply of anything it would be dark chocolate and snuggle sessions with her dogs.

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