DESIGN + FASHION: RMW earns second place
in Haworth’s 5-V event.

Inspired by the Uber headquarters campus in San Francisco, RMW’s design entry for Haworth 5-V captures the kinetic movement found within our culturally vibrant City. The RMW team chose two adjoining spaces within Uber HQ to highlight the experience of movement within the design. The first is an optical experience of streaming lights that projects abstract imagery to welcome and engage the user within the building lobby. The second space is a conduit between the lobby cafe and the all-hands area, which uses a curved, backlit, perforated metal screen to guide users into the meeting space. Our garment design strives to weave these two architectural spaces together.

Using curved shapes borrowed from the built environment of Uber HQ, the garment’s continuous loops of LED lighting mirror the user’s voyage through the space. Within the garment’s fully portable lit element is an up-cycled work jumpsuit that is purposefully gender neutral.

The clean, white aesthetic of the team’s wearable creation captures the luminescent movement of the model in each image, establishing a profound connection between the architectural spaces and the finished piece. The concept of dynamic movement inspired not just the design, but also the process, which required navigating the ebbs and flows of ideas, challenges, and solutions. In the end, the team found the design journey was just as inspiring as the completed look, and their work was awarded second place. Congratulations!