Paul Durand Paul Durand

Paul Durand

NCIDQ, IIDA, LEED Green Associate

Paul’s exuberance for design began as a child when he came across a game on his parent’s computer that allowed him to endlessly rearrange objects. In fact, it was not a game at all, it was an architectural design program, which kept him so entertained that by the time he was a teenager he’d amassed a cache of several hundred-floor plans. This interest, combined with his expansive imagination and an early fascination for beautifying spaces, secured his fate as an interior designer. Paul has worked on projects for clients in the Healthcare, Education, and Civic sectors but is happiest when designing for the modern workplace environment. As his career has progressed, he’s developed a clear perspective on good design: to stay on top of trends but strive for a mix that blends timelessness, character, and a bit of fun.

Outside of work, Paul enjoys baking, crocheting, knitting, and drawing, and travels the globe whenever he has a chance. If there was one talent he could have that he doesn’t, it would be the ability to speak any language. It would make traveling all the better.

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