Dean Samuels Dean Samuels

Dean Samuels

Business Development / Marketing

Visual Marketing Designer

At the age of seven, Dean planned to be an architect like his dad. At the age of ten, he earned his allowance by shading in his father’s drawings and visiting construction sites. At thirteen, he developed a fascination with cultures and a joy in finding parallels among their various traditions and ways of communicating. Years of subliminal lessons in line, form, and color combined with his love of stories, lead to graphic design and communication studies at Florida Atlantic University.

Dean is adept at telling the stories of the firm’s people and projects through a variety of media and is at his best when collaborating with design teams across studios on projects that are equal parts creative and analytical. He is tasked with creating a compelling library of project photography, curating the firm’s voice, and conveying RMW’s unique culture, a role he undertakes with grace and equanimity.

Dean has traveled widely and lived in diverse locations around the world. In addition to design and the love of a great short story, he enjoys yoga, swimming, road trips, photography, house concerts, and quality time with family and friends.

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