Natomas Crossing Quad B is located in the Natomas Crossing Planned Unit Development in Sacramento bounded by I-5 to the west, East Commerce Way to the east. The 68.5-acre site will contain 1.25 million SF of commercial/office space along with a 17,000 SF childcare center, and a parking ratio of over 6 spaces/1,000 GSF of office space.

Project Scope: Five multistory office buildings located in the central area of the site with heights up to 75’will  surround an outdoor courtyard area, with a private childcare center at the northeastern corner of the site. Surface parking lots for the office and childcare facilities and a potential structured parking garage to be located west of the office building cluster along the I-5 freeway.

Project Phasing: The project will be developed in phases with an initial phase of two office buildings, childcare facility, vehicular site circulation, and parking to serve the first buildings. The one-story childcare facility will be +/- 17,160 GSF. Sited along East Commerce Way, and centered on the existing intersection at the middle of the site, the office buildings will both be four-stories and +/- 519,800 GSF. They will be joined at the ground floor by a connecting one-story lobby that will serve as the public entry for the site and buildings.

Site Access / Vehicle Circulation: The existing intersection, along with two proposed signalized intersections from East Commerce Way will provide vehicular access to the site with full traffic movement anticipated at each. The existing and new intersections will include fiber-optic inter-communication and will be connected to the City of Sacramento fiber trunk line to provide coordinated signal operations around the project. 3– 4 lane entry drives are planned to handle the anticipated morning arrivals and afternoon departures of office workers. The initial phase will include the infrastructure for the vehicle entry drives, including fencing, and secure access gates. Visitors will arrive through the center drive and intersection to a separate parking area outside of the secured perimeter. Enclosed by walls and solid gates, a dedicated, non-signalized driveway off E. Commerce Way will provide delivery truck access to the north and south outboard ends of the buildings through to the service courts. Within the service courts, space will be allocated for pad mounted electrical gear, trash enclosures and a fully curtained diesel generator for Building B.

Parking Density and Transportation Management strategy: Parking reduction strategies will be evaluated as the site is developed, including a Transportation Management Plan ]that will encourage the use of public transit by providing a convenient public bus stop facility to the site. The proposed site plan is designed to offer preferred parking for carpools and clean air vehicles within the parking field and convenient bicycle access from both the adjacent Class 1 Bike trail along the western edge of the property and the adjacent Class II bike lane in East Commerce Drive. Secured, long term bicycle storage will be provided within phase 1 buildings adjacent to a fitness center with showers available to bicycle commuters.

Site Landscape Strategy: Within the parking areas, ‘orchards’ of unique species of City-approved shade trees will indicate various zones and give employees visual cues as to where they have parked their cars. The primary pedestrian route through the parking areas will be paved to support way-finding and indicate ‘pedestrian only.’ Occasional benches will allow users to rest or sit to converse with a colleague. Closer to the buildings, accent, and focal trees are envisioned to pair with the architecture and site amenities to create more community spaces for employee dining, lounging, exercising, and socialization. Within the courtyards, diverse elevations will depict ‘the Sierras’ and continue the landscape of select native vegetation.

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