What We’re Thinking : construction process

The Lobby Amenity

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First impressions are an important part of human interaction and often set the tone for the relationships that follow. The lobby is your building’s first impression. Not only does it create a lasting memory and adds value by orienting users […]

Place-Making San Leandro

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What would the world be like if women were safe? What would a tech campus be like with internet speeds of 100 Gigabits per second? The answers to these questions may be more connected than expected, and both may be […]

THE Campus @ 3333 Attracts Tenants By Design

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In 2011, when Menlo Equities took a chance on developing an office campus in Santa Clara without a signed tenant, the market called it a risk. That risk paid off: in 2015,  Palo Alto Networks leased 752,000 square feet at THE […]

5 Facts about Value Engineering

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Put simply, “value engineering” is the process of finding ways to save our clients money, whether through equivalent design options, changes in scope, or decreasing operating costs. But let’s face it – value engineering has an image problem. The phrase […]

Sneak Peek: General Purpose Lab at LBNL

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As the first new building to be constructed in 50 years in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s “Old Town,” the 43,000-square-foot General Purpose Laboratory sets the stage for future redevelopment on this part of campus. When RMW took a hard-hat tour […]

Sneak Peek: Market Square and 1 Tenth

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Last Wednesday, RMW architecture & interiors’ San Francisco studio took a hard-hat tour of Market Square and 1 Tenth. Although RMW’s design team of Terry Kwik, Steve Worthington, Ron Aguila, Tom Tessier, Joe Pirrone, Darren Barboza, and Gloria Rasmussen has […]

Problem Solving in the Field

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As of this year, I’ll have been at RMW for 30 years. I still remember the first project I was assigned: the renovation of the Joseph Magnin building in San Francisco, built in 1914. Previously, I’d worked in healthcare architecture, […]