Sherry Carroll

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Where did you go to school?
I am a graduate of San Jose State University with a BS in Interior Design and a minor in Environmental Science.

What do you do at RMW?
I am the Director of Interiors at the San Jose Studio focusing on business development and quality delivery.

Why did you decide to go into architecture/interior design?
I have always had a love for the built environment since childhood, building forts while designing my dream home on an old card table for months on end. After studying architecture in my early college career I discovered the interior design and environmental science programs at San Jose State. I never looked back. I love light, color, volume, and most of all, how people interact with the space.

What’s your favorite sport?
I’m an avid yogi, hiker, skier, and cyclist. Occasionally I enjoy tennis or surfing when my schedule allows. I love our SF Giants!

What is your favorite recent travel experience?
I travel as often as possible and love to explore new places. My favorite city is Sitges, Spain. It has a perfect blend of old and new Catalonian culture rich with arts, food and some of the best beaches I have ever seen. The people were extremely friendly.