Joseph Barajas Joseph Barajas

Joseph Barajas

A naturalist and explorer, Joseph feels deeply connected to the wild outdoors, drawing upon their wondrous beauty for creative inspiration and spiritual rejuvenation. This love of nature is what pulls him toward the practice of embedded architecture, an approach that honors and incorporates the surrounding land into the habitable condition.

As an architecture student in Denmark, Joseph was struck by the permanence of the waste that washed up on its shores. He pondered how far it must have traveled and how intact it still was, and thought, how do we change that? This has shaped his view that the hallmark of a great design hinges on its sustainability, durability, and reusability.

As a project manager, Joseph takes a balanced approach to planning and execution, always aiming to deliver on time and within budget. His resolve and optimism help keep his projects running smoothly even in the face of unexpected outside influences.

At home, Joseph tends vegetables in his garden and enjoys making meals for friends, a group of artists who are active pursuers of their craft. To the benefit of RMW and our clients, Joseph’s own creativity is well served in the company of such friends, giving him an endless well of new ideas.

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