Steffanie Gadiane Crouse Steffanie Gadiane Crouse

Steffanie Gadiane Crouse

Steffanie traces her design inspiration back to her childhood, happily helping her father with carpentry projects, until one day she became mesmerized as she watched him hand draft an isometric drawing and had an epiphany. She was destined to be a designer, not a hands-on creator, and her creative whimsy began to influence everything from her fashion choices to her hair color.

As an Interior Designer and dedicated trend-tracker, Steffanie applies her style-seeking nature and unique perspective to every project she undertakes. Continually pushing herself to grow and learn, she enjoys the ever-evolving design process, tackling any issue from acoustical challenges to budget reductions with imaginative problem-solving. A member of the RMW family since 2017, Steffanie’s favorite aspect of the firm is how open every staff member is with their time and knowledge. 

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