Suzanne Hearn Meyer Suzanne Hearn Meyer

Suzanne Hearn Meyer


Suzanne delights in beauty and strong composition – whether in an expertly assembled bite of sushi or in the pages of her favorite novel. Her world travels give her essential time to reset and reflect. Absorbing what is unique about each destination re-awakens her curiosity about the world and enhances her appreciation of her home, work, and everyday life.

Suzanne, who earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology, brings a quiet elegance and thoughtful approach to both her team and her craft. Her primary goal is for the client and the project team alike to feel deeply satisfied with the end result. To help ensure this outcome, Suzanne leverages each team member’s strengths while inspiring everyone to deliver the highest level of customer service. She is appreciated for her commitment to being exceptionally responsive to her client’s needs, ideas and goals, and is admired for striving to enrich the quality of day-to-day life for the end-users of her projects.

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