Tristan Kwik Tristan Kwik

Tristan Kwik

Business Development / Marketing

A naturally curious person, Tristan’s love for design came from a fascination with the design process itself. His inquisitive mind always leads him to ask questions, while his artistic brain compels him to seek out the most creative answers. It is no wonder then that he views design as the perfect balance between creativity and problem-solving.

As a team member in the marketing group, Tristan uses his background in graphic design to tell the stories behind our work. He pays particular attention to capturing a human element in his designs and hopes that with his work he can unite people through curiosity, common interest, and empathy. Tristan is valued for sparking conversations that help get to the root of the challenge and is appreciated for being a dependable contributor with a strong work ethic. Outside of the office, Tristan enjoys cooking and revels in the way that food brings people together.

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