Anton DevCo

Sacramento, California | interiors & workplace, timber

From the Bay to a timber-framed office in the Block

Founded in 2014, multifamily housing developer Anton DevCo Inc. had grown to own and operate over two dozen apartment communities in Northern California. By 2018, Anton was poised to secure more opportunities in the growing Sacramento housing market and relocated its headquarters from the Bay Area to RMW’s award winning timber mid-rise project, ICE Block 1. RMW was tasked to design a workplace experience that was consistent with their premier residential properties.

Anton’s timber framed office offers aesthetic beauty, but the use of wood also enhances indoor air quality, acoustics, thermal comfort, and energy efficiency. The form and subtle whimsy of its branded dark wood reception canopy welcome clients and the 20 person staff to the 4,555 SF work space. Flanked by both conference rooms, the entry leads to private offices and a light filled open office area while the central break room supports the connection to teams and tasks throughout the suite.