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Mark Alvarez

  • Associate

CID; Sacramento Studio

Where did you go to school?

I did not have the good fortune to attend a prestigious five-year architectural program. Instead, I began working for an architecture firm at the early age of 19 while attending Los Angeles Trade Tech and Pasadena City College. My eagerness to begin my career early ended my university aspirations. I worked with some great mentors and enjoyed studying architecture and interiors in a real work environment so much that I never looked back. Thirty-some-odd years later, I still love this job. Not sure I would have done it any other way.

What do you do at RMW?

I am the Director of Interiors for the Sacramento studio. My years of experience with both architecture and interiors have provided me with the knowledge base to be a manager and mentor to the interiors staff. Because of the size of our studio, each employee wears multiple hats, including myself, which has provided me and those around me a wide range of experience and afforded us a well-rounded professional career. I have done everything from managing a 185,000-square-foot interior project to producing a set of construction documents for a small tenant improvement. There is never a dull moment in our studio.

What is your favorite building or space and why?

I love the Milwaukee Museum’s addition by Santiago Calatrava. One of my colleagues, Gloria Rasmussen, first exposed me to Calatrava’s work and the superb way he designed that addition as a piece of artwork that houses art. The building, which is located on the edge of Lake Michigan, is reminiscent of a boat or bird sculpture.