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The Lobby Amenity

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First impressions are an important part of human interaction and often set the tone for the relationships that follow. The lobby is your building’s first impression. Not only does it create a lasting memory and adds value by orienting users […]

A Masterclass in Public Art

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From the East Bay Times to New York Times, to London’s Daily Mail, coverage featuring varied opinions of Truth Is Beauty have inched into our regional discourse and stirred, for some, a deeper appreciation of the impact of public art. […]

Place-Making San Leandro

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What would the world be like if women were safe? What would a tech campus be like with internet speeds of 100 Gigabits per second? The answers to these questions may be more connected than expected, and both may be […]

THE Campus @ 3333 Attracts Tenants By Design

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In 2011, when Menlo Equities took a chance on developing an office campus in Santa Clara without a signed tenant, the market called it a risk. That risk paid off: in 2015,  Palo Alto Networks leased 752,000 square feet at THE […]

The Value of Co-Creation in Workplace Design

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As the Great Place to Work Institute famously found, there is a direct correlation between a strong workplace culture and increased annual profit. The challenge for executives and facilities managers is: how do you design a workplace to support a strong […]

Your Office’s Hidden Exercise Tool

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It’s official: “sedentary” is now a dirty word. A number of well-publicized recent studies have shown that sitting for more than three hours a day can cut two years off your life expectancy. It’s the “sitting is the new smoking” phenomenon. […]

6 Ways to Make Your Workplace Greener: Sustainability Case Studies, Part 2

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A question we often hear from our clients is, “How can we make our workplace as energy efficient and sustainable as possible?” In part one of this two-part blog, RMW looked at how a large commercial office campus approached this […]

As Green As Can Be: Workplace Sustainability Case Studies, Part I

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A question we often hear from our clients is, “How can we make our workplace as energy efficient and sustainable as possible?” In this two-part Think blog, RMW architecture & interiors takes a look at two recently completed projects that […]

The Evolution of the Tech Campus

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As our relationship to work has changed over the past quarter century, so has workplace design. The evolution of corporate campus headquarters provides a dramatic example of this workplace shift. In our latest Thought Leader video, RMW architecture & interiors president Russ […]

Twitter, Mid-Market, and the Urban Tech Campus

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Terry Kwik, Principal at RMW architecture & interiors, has spent a lot of time in San Francisco’s Mid-Market district over the past few years. That’s because Terry has been leading the design of the core and shell improvements to 1355 […]