TOMRA Sorting Solutions North American Headquarters Wins 2014 TCA Award

RMW architecture & interiors is proud to announce that its design for TOMRA Sorting Solutions‘ North American Headquarters has received a 2014 TCA Tilt-Up Achievement Award. The project was recognized for its innovative design strategies, which helped minimize the “big box” look typical of tilt-ups. These strategies included a central pop-out on the front façade enhanced with tinted blue glazing and accented with dark gray, fluted, architectural metal panels. Spandrel glazing units strategically conceal the concrete panel legs at the main entry area and create the illusion of continuous glass bands. As a final touch, the building design incorporates two canopy elements; a low canopy at the primary entry doors and a high canopy that spans the entire 240 feet of the building’s main pop-out.

This project successfully builds a strong branded experience for both customers and staff inexpensively. An upbeat palette incorporating TOMRA’s brand colors in finishes typically used in most standard tenant improvements (carpet, paint, tile and laminate) is used in thoughtful ways. The sum is greater than the individual parts.

The project was led by RMW principals Jeff Leonhardt and Stephen Guest, both recognized experts in tilt-up design and construction.