After successfully navigating another year of pandemic-related uncertainty and upheaval, our firm achieved one of the most productive and impactful years in our history. We are thankful to all of our employees for their extraordinary efforts in 2021, which have positioned us for an even greater year in 2022. We are proud of the legacy that we are building at RMW and it is with great pride that we take a moment to congratulate the following individuals on their well-deserved promotions.

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Erin Alley to Associate Principal. Above and beyond being a highly accomplished and well-respected architect, Erin leads with warmth, openness, and transparency. Her willingness and ability to empathize with those around her make her a phenomenal mentor, inspiring practice leader, and a true embodiment of the firm’s people-centric culture. She will continue to act as SF Studio Director of Architecture while also growing the firm’s residential and mixed-use portfolio.

Throughout his career at RMW, Jann Fabrin has been recognized for his astute technical acumen, sharp eye for detail, and unimpeachable work quality. He is admired all the more for never losing sight of the importance of having fun at work. With deep appreciation for his passion and dedication, it is our honor to announce his promotion to Director of Quality Management for our San Jose studio.

Congratulations to our 2022 class of Associates, Andrea Jaggers, Caitlin Brady, Evan Fraser, Hallie Travis, and Hanna Murrie. These committed designers and staff have demonstrated exemplary leadership and teamwork in their respective fields throughout their tenure and during a year of unprecedented global challenges. We celebrate their individual and collective success.