DESIGN + FASHION: RMW collaborates with KBM-Hogue for 2023 IIDA Northern California Merge.

RMW and KBM-Hogue teamed for this year’s IIDA Northern California Merge event, which brings the worlds of interior design and fashion together. We were assigned emerging designer, Angel Chen, as the inspiration for our runway look, and we were immediately drawn to her use of saturated colors and exaggerated silhouettes.

Our first material pick was a rich magenta velvet by Burch for the jacket, followed by a boldly patterned textile by Momentum for its lining. The sculptural shape of the shoulders, which was achieved using carpet from Interface, drew inspiration from Chen’s avant-garde style. The coordinating skirt and boot covers, made with paint swatches from PPG, were our strongest nod to Chen’s push for cultural fusion in her collection. The corset was made with an electric blue textile by Momentum and adorned with coordinating blue tile from Emser.

The illuminated head piece utilized lighting by Fluxwerx, and the purse was made from ceiling mesh by USG and plumbing fixtures by Sloan. The playful accessories pay tribute to Chen’s use of whimsical and inventive embellishments, including statement head pieces and oversized jewelry.

All in all, we’re so proud to have turned design materials from our wonderful sponsors into a cohesive, wearable creation that looked stunning on our model, Alex Blangeres of KBM-Hogue Sacramento.

Burch – Textile used for jacket exterior
Emser – Tile used to embellish corset and to make the model’s necklace
Fluxwerx – Lighting for illuminnated headpiece
Interface – Carpet was used to create the angular shoulders, embellish and as cuffs
Momentum – Textiles used for jacket lining, corset, skirt, boot covers
PPG – Paint sample strips were used to make the skirt and boot covers
Sloan – Plumbing fixtures were used as the purse handle and other embellishments for the jacket and purse
USG – Ceiling mesh was used to make the body of the purse