Caitlin Pastori

  • Principal


Where did you go to school?

California State University, Sacramento

Why did you decide to go into interior design?

Throughout my life, I’ve always been involved in art. When it came time to select a major, I knew I needed something creative. The pragmatic part of me thought it best to study a more business-based art. I debated between interior design and graphic design but thought that with graphics, I’d be spending too much of my day on the computer. Little did I know that “in front of the computer” would become my second home. It did, however, turn out I made the right choice. Interior design has proven a very good fit for not only my creative side but also my analytical side.

What do you do outside the firm?

I love to explore the food culture of San Francisco. Every neighborhood has something special, and I enjoy trying to find the hidden gems within them.  I love my city and am determined to take advantage of all it has to offer.

What was your favorite recent vacation, and why?

Costa Rica. Beaches, rivers, jungles, hammocks, and good friends allowed me to lose my awareness of time for a moment. For that, I am truly grateful.