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Vi Bracco



Studio Director - Architecture, San Francisco

Vi’s hands-on approach to getting things done has always been a source of inspiration to those around her. Stemming from an early fascination with assembly, Vi finds deep satisfaction in the process of putting elements together to create something new. She followed a path of progression that began with legos, advanced to puzzles, then to building more complex objects, and finally to architecture. With architecture comes the chance for Vi to utilize her other important strengths: planning, coordination, and collaboration. She believes that strong leaders are those who can work collaboratively with all levels of the team as well as with consultants, and that only through such leadership can come the best possible results.

Vi earned her degree in architecture from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and is a registered architect in the State of California. Her design experience includes large scale technology and manufacturing facilities, corporate office headquarters, and laboratories.  Her technical skills, paired with her organization and problem-solving capabilities, make her a valuable force in the design of complex projects.

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