Farinaz Moslemi Farinaz Moslemi

Farinaz Moslemi


Like many young architecture students, Farinaz graduated from design school genuinely wanting to improve the way that people live. Now, years into her career, Farinaz’ steadfast dedication to this goal is evident. Constantly driven to find better and smarter ways of designing, Farinaz’ ultimate sense of accomplishment comes when she has markedly improved the comfort and experience of the end-user. She believes that to be successful in this endeavor, you must always do the best you can in the moment, no matter how mundane or small the detail may seem.

Fueled by intellectual conversation and humor, Farinaz enjoys partaking in lively discussions about the future of the built environment with individuals inside and outside of the architecture profession. Such spirited conversations, she believes, are necessary to keep improving, and to help hold one another accountable. In her spare time, Farinaz enjoys hand crafting, hiking and adventure traveling.