Steve Stenton Steve Stenton

Steve Stenton


Associate Principal

Studio Director – Sustainability SJ

As an Associate Principal, Steve serves as the firm’s director of sustainability. When sustainability first entered the conversation within the industry, Steve saw this as a monumental opportunity to change the way we design, to support the greater good. Working diligently to learn principles of sustainability, which also included active involvement in the USGBC, he became both WELL and LEED accredited. As sustainability, health, and wellness became some of the foremost drivers of design for architects and designers around the world, Steve’s passionate pursuit for knowledge in the field helped guide the firm as it focused on sustainable design. He continues to cultivate the practice among the incoming generation of designers, which already embraces its value and importance.

Steve is known throughout the company for being incredibly genuine – and having a great sense of humor. An inspiring leader, Steve never loses sight of what’s best for the team. He feels every project is its own journey, and can only be truly successful if everyone enjoys that journey together. A journey that requires stability as well as inspiration, he has an innate ability to keep calmness around him with his light-heartedness. Guided by trust, honesty and commitment, his goal for every project is to create a building or space that inspires people to be the best version of themselves.

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