Yahoo! Corporate Headquarters

Sunnyvale, California | commercial development, interiors & workplace, technology & corporate

Ahead of its time, Yahoo!’s Sunnyvale campus continues to offer lessons, with amenity-rich spaces that have kept high-tech workers happy since the early dot-com days.

When RMW master-planned and designed Yahoo!’s 806,000-square-foot Sunnyvale campus in 2001, it was a watershed moment for the firm and for high-tech campuses in general. This is one legacy project that we keep returning to, both for the lessons it continues to offer and as a benchmark for today’s high-tech campus design trends.

Yahoo! was ahead of the game in thinking about the campus as a self-contained community. We worked closely with the company’s senior management to make sure the campus design provided amenities that would support a balanced work/lifestyle and flexible work schedules. As a result, the campus offers several small cafés, a cafeteria, a fitness center, game rooms, and training rooms. The four buildings are angled around a central green space that features volleyball, bocce ball, and basketball courts.

The buildings are precast concrete, glass, and metal, with bright yellow and purple accents. More than a decade later, the campus continues to serve new generations of Yahoo!s.

Quick Facts

The project was the recipient of an AIA Santa Clara Chapter Design Honor Award.

RMW designed and built the campus quickly – in 16 months from contract to move in.